Next to our standard foam and powder extinguishers, we offer innovative and ecological fire fighting equipment and systems.

Our starting point: we can also contribute to the fight against global warming in the world of firefighting.

That is why we offer products that are both high-quality and that minimize the impact on people, the environment and animals.

All our products meet the strictest European standards and are fully customizable if desired.

And the best part of the ecological extinguishers, they also have a cooling effect!

Not only can we provide you with extinguishers, we can offer you a modular extinguishing system, which is attached in the ceiling.

Next to the regular smoke detector, we come with a heat detector. No false alarms on yachts caused by steam, hairspray, deo, etc.

With our ecological fire extinguishing system we developed an extrodinary system for electronics and batteries!

We also offer a bio additive which can be used with the fire hose, result you don't need as much water so less damage at the interior.