FR Matte

Introducing our groundbreaking innovation: the Ecological FR Matte. Say goodbye to traditional flame retardants filled with chemicals, heavy metals, and salts. Our FR Matte is not just a flame retardant fabric; it's a game-changer in heat insulation and protection.

What sets our FR Matte apart? It's designed to withstand the toughest conditions with grace.

Picture this: the black side can bravely withstand temperatures up to a scorching 1400°C for a remarkable 2 hours, while the silver side remains cool to the touch, ensuring contact heat never exceeds 150°C. That's not all—our special coating is not only heat-resistant but also forms a shield, providing an extra layer of defense. With a resistance of 10³ Ohms, it's a reliable choice for a multitude of applications where safety and durability are paramount.

But here's where it gets really exciting. Ever worried about thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries? Fear not! Our FR Matte has been rigorously tested and proven effective in containing thermal runaway events, ensuring safety in critical scenarios.

Traditional methods struggle to contain thermal runaway, often exacerbating the situation. However, our FR Matte steps up to the challenge with unparalleled effectiveness. Its innovative design and cutting-edge materials act as a formidable barrier, swiftly containing thermal runaway events and preventing further escalation.

Join the ranks of those already experiencing the benefits of our Ecological FR Matte. Whether you're in manufacturing, construction, or any industry where fire safety is non-negotiable, our FR Matte is your ultimate solution.

Ready to embrace the future of fire safety? Contact us today to discover how our innovative FR Matte can revolutionize your safety standards and safeguard your operations against the threat of thermal runaway. Trust in the power of innovation, trust in our Ecological FR Matte.


On the left side you see the front of the Matte and on the right the back side.

Testing FR Matte with a Fully Loaded Lithium-Ion BatteryWhat We Did

We tested our new product, FR Matte, to see how it handles a lithium-ion battery getting too hot and possibly catching fire. This is important to make sure our product can keep batteries safe.

How We Tested It

  1. Set Up:

    • We fully charged a lithium-ion battery.
    • We covered the battery with our FR Matte, which is designed to handle high heat and stop fires.
  2. Creating the Problem:

    • We heated the battery to make it overheat, a situation known as thermal runaway.
    • We watched the temperature closely.
  3. Watching and Recording:

    • We collected data on temperature and any signs of fire or smoke.
    • We used special cameras to record everything.

What We Found

  • Heat Control: The FR Matte kept the high temperatures from spreading.
  • Fire Safety: It stopped any fires quickly and prevented them from starting again.
  • Durability: Even with the extreme heat, the FR Matte stayed strong and didn't break.


Our test shows that FR Matte is great at keeping lithium-ion batteries safe by managing heat and preventing fires. It’s a reliable choice for anyone needing top-notch safety for their batteries.