We are your partner in fire prevention and firefighting.

We offer a full concept regarding fire prevention and firefighting: we guide our customers from the start until the required test and production certifications.

We offer our customers a full service:

  • Research and development
  • Lab testing internal and external
  • Customer testing
  • Fire retardant impregnation of veneer
  • Assistance towards certification
  • Continue support

We can offer our customers a range from R&D and consultancy to in-house and external testing, certification, and all this according to the specific wishes and needs of the customer in question. Customers are also assisted in obtaining the necessary official certificates and test reports for their specific end applications and domains.


Thanks to our experience and technical database, VSJ Group can quickly tackle specific difficulties and provide answers, solutions and implementation as well as discretion and flexibility.


As a group we put our customer's needs first and we emphasize our customer service to ensure your benefit.