Our product for veneer is a higly effective ecological fire-retardant product.

The methodology behind our product is different than the standard fire retardant product on the market.

We impregnate the veneer to ensure a fully fire retardant veneer rather than paint it. Our FR penetrates the wood so effectively that it interconnects with the lignin of the wood, meaning that the FR has a guaranteed, life long effectiveness. This unique aspect means that our customers will not need a re-treatment, resulting in a lower cost long-term.

We treat our veneer ourselves to ensure that every M2 is fully up to date with the fire safety protocols. With this in mind we try to work completely with the schedule of our customers, as customer satisfaction is one of our main goals to achieve. 

Our FR can also be used on fabrics. The FR process can be applied to cotton, viscose, linen and can also be used on knits and blends with Lycra. Once the product is applied, with an after wash, the fabric retains its softness and colors. These textiles are washable, even when washing at 90°C. This is again because of the unique property that it interconnects with the lignin.

For a technical data sheet on the FR product for veneer or for the FR product for the textiles, feel free to contact the sales team on the contact page.